Sunday, October 13, 2013

FNAC Vasco da Gama

Today I played in FNAC Vasco da Gama.

some pictures..

Photos from Museu da Musica

Yesterday I played in Muesu da Musica in Lisbon (Portugal)

some pictures:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Museu da Musica

Promotion for the programs in Museu da Musica in Lisbon (Portugal)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Two Concerts in Lisbon

I had two concerts in Lisbon (Portugal) this weekend.

I played in FNAC CHIADO and in Arts2science (a small starting-up private music school). Here are the pictures.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Demir Kapija - Makedonija

I played in Makedonija. A small village in Makedonija. So nice you can not imagine!

Carlos Paredes: Verdes Anos

I have two favourite Portuguese composers: Carlos Paredes and Alain Oulman. There are others I love as well but these are the two best ones for me. I played Carlos Paredes: Verdes Anos in I don't know ten countries at least in the last 3-4 years. I love this piece.

I improvise a lot when I play it but of course I respectfully keep the original theme.

I played it in Tihany as well.

Carlos Paredes: Verdes Anos

Concert in Tihany, in KOGART

I had a great concert at the Balaton in Tihany played different pieces but mostly Portuguese, Brazilien and Spanish music. The place is fantastic: I played infront of the best Hungarian paintings I have every seen in a beautiful village at the top of the hill close to the lake Balaton.

Alain Oulman's fantastic pieces with different impros in it, Villa-Lobos and Carlos Paredes as well as my own composition.

Alain Oulman: Alfama by Sandor Mester

Alain Oulman: Meu Amor, Meu Amor by Sandor Mester MS3

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Valsa-Choro

Sandor Mester MS3: Bagatelle

Balaton Videos

I played some concerts at the lake Balaton this summer. I transcipted some piece by Alain Oulman, the great Fado composer from Portugal. I played in a nice and ambient small church at Felsőörs, close to the lake.

Alain Oulman: Alfama

Alain Oulman: Meu Amor, Meu Amor

Sandor Mester featuring Marco Zurzolo

I was lucky to play such a fantastic artist as Marco Zurzolo.

We played together for the first time at his place. It is a jazz club called 'ZTL' (Zurzolo Teatro Live) in Napoli, Italy. Originally a club was a chapel. Marco is a jazz musician, myself I am a classical musician. It is always hard to play together but it was a fantastic experience for me, Marco is a genius of the saxophone. It is always good to get to know someone like him!

We played a free improvisation and then a Piazzolla piece.

Balkan Videos

Concert in Dimitrovgrad in Bulgaria

Concert in Stara Zagora in Bulgaria

Concert in Haskovo in Bulgaria

Concert in Kjustendil in Bulgaria

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Balcan concerts - Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia

Sándor Mester (MS3) after having concerts in Roma and Napoli goes on tour in three Balcan countries in April. First he will give a recital as a member of the jury of the XVII. Kjustendil International Guitar Competition then he will play three other concerts in different places in Bulgaria. He continues the tour in Macedonia in Demi Kapija. The tour will be finished in Serbia where Sándor will be do concerts and master classes for young guitarists. The planned program: 4th April Kjustendil (Bulgaria) 8th April Haskovo (Bulgaria) 9th April Dimitrovgrad (Bulgaria) 10th April Sztara Zagors (Bulgaria) 12th April Demir Kapija (Macedonia) 14th April Zenta (Serbia) 15th April Csóka (Serbia) 16th Óbecse, Törökbecse (Serbia) 17th April Magyarkanizsa (Serbia) and Törökkanizsa and Topolya (Serbia, being negotiated) Concert organizer partners: Hungarian Institute in Sofia, Embassy of Hungary in Skopje, Hungarian Cultural Institute in Vojvodina. Facebook

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Verdes Anos - Napoli in ZTL Zurzolo Teatro Live

MS3 Sándor Mester played Verdes Anos by Carlos Paredes in Napoli in ZTL (Zurzolo Teatro Live)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Concert videos from Budapest/Lisbon

Concert in Budapest National Library of Foreign Literature Having fun in Lisbon playing with friends in Tejo Bar Verdes Anos from Budapest

Videos from Lisbon